Wednesday, August 26, 2009

About the 2 Week Film Project

The Screening is the 4th film to be produced under the 2 Week Film Project guidelines. From an intro to the project by founder Reid Gershbein (also the star of The Screening):

"The next round of the Two Week Film Collective will run until the end of October. No limit on the amount of time you can spend on writing your script and pre-production, only on actual production and post-production time.
Here are the guidelines of the Two Week Film Collective (#2wkfilm):
Make a feature film (60+ mins) in two weeks (first day of shooting to final cut).
Anyone can join in.
You can make your film anytime between June and the end of October.
Follow the discussion using twitter tag #2wkfilm
Let us know if you want to be on the list of filmmakers via twitter @thraveboy"

Read more here at Gershbein's site.

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